A common question, but one that is very situational. The amount of Buff Magic will greatly depend on the level of oxidation, the size of the boat, RV, project, etc.


Here are some general guidelines to help you out: (For larger applications or extremely heavy oxidation, you may need even more. )



  • Under 35 ft one 22 oz jar
  • 35-60 ft one 64 oz jar
  • 60+ft one 10 lb pail or more


  • Pop-ups and campers one 22 oz jar
  • Coaches and Buses one 64 oz jar


Auto & Home

  • One 22 oz jar should handle most of these projects


Don't forget all the areas Buff Magic can improve so buying a little extra will go a long way:

  • Fiberglass Boats, RVs, etc...
  • Cars
  • Stainless Steel Parts, Grill Covers, etc...
  • Glass Windows, Enclosures and Windshields