Thanks for reaching out to us, and I'm super happy to hear you're chosing Shurhold to get your boat back to that "Show Room Shine" that we're known for!
So my recommendation (based on personal preference) is the 3100 original Dual Action Polisher. And here's why:This machine was the first one we offered in our Polisher line up.It's not too heavyIt's SUPER easy to useMANY accessories that our other Polishers do not currently have.
If you go with my suggestion, here's what you'll need for a 30' boat. Now, please understand these are just suggestions and based on your detailing style, you may consume more or less pads, chemical, etc.
But here we go!
Dual Action Polisher - Item #3100Buff Magic Pads - these are sold in 2 packs, I'd recommend 2 packs #3151Pro Polish Pads - sold in 2 packs, I'd recommend 2 packs #315222 oz. Jar Buff Magic - you might be thinking - 22 oz. that's it?! Yes, and for good reason! Our chemical line does not have any fillers so when we say a little bit goes a long way - that's the truth!16 oz. Pro Polish
Here's a how to video with the Buff Magic and Polisher:
Here's our how to video with the Pro Polish and Polisher:
All of the pads are completely reusable and can be stored for future use.
Here are the links to the product on our website:
I will also add in that in the video, Barry uses the Microfiber bonnet. This isn't necessarily needed, it just makes the job a little easier. You can use a regular Microfiber towel or purchase the bonnet here:
Please let us know if you have any more questions and we'd be more than happy to help you!